This is a fighting game with only 1 attack. fireball. Try to get a single hit off on you opponent and you win. You can angle your fireball with up and down. Every fireball that passes the interdenominational line of death in the center will move that line closer to the opponent.


Player 1:
move: wasd
shoot: space

Player 2:
move: arrow keys
shoot: numpad zero

Controller(Both Players):
move: controlstick
shoot: left face button

Reset: enter/controller start

Exit(on exe ver): escape


BOX runs on browser. There will also be an included windows executable version for download. Runs in full screen 1080x1980.

Game Jam Theme Explanation:

This game is designed around the theme of dual purposed design. The fireball attack represents dual purpose design in this game. Fireballs serve as your offense and defense, as they are the only way to defeat your opponent and also the only way to block your opponents fireballs. Fireballs also serve the purpose of slowly moving a line that kills the opponent closer to their side of the screen.

I used the Godot engine to program this game.


Programming and visuals made by Francis "FX" Connuli Jr.

Music by Maximilian Miller

Install instructions

Win executable: unzip the zip and play with the exe


Download 7 MB

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